Creatively driven,
Technology competent
Orisma is a group of experts in digital and technology solutions. Throughout our time in the IT services industry,
we have leveraged our knowledge to meet diverse needs and extend our services to all segments of the business to serve our domestic and international clients.
We are all from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, we all strongly believes in one thing: creativity combines with the power of technology to produce the best results.
So we put forth tremendous effort to place more emphasis on a concept, experiment with passion, and push the boundaries of the technical aspects to produce remarkable results that satisfy every client's needs.
Being a key player in developing a variety of cutting-edge experiences and distinctive solutions in the digital age. With the core philosophy of “Creatively driven, Technological competent”
Continue to focus on technology advancement and building strong customer relationships for a long-lasting business. Adaptive to every change in the digital sphere to maximize technology's effectiveness.
Create a competitive advantage by using the value of change for the better as someone who believes in the infinite potential of technology. Approach each investment and partnership with unwavering excitement on the vigorous path forward.
Originate a practical and beneficial digital environment begins with the process of learning and understanding in different contexts how each of the relevant parts works. The importance of the little things and adapting to each other properly must be linked and interdependent in balance.
Foundation of
Professional experience, vision, innovation, and creative execution are all rooted within the organization. Our way of thinking, solving problems, and constantly improving ourselves will be the cornerstones on our path to sustainable growth.
To better serve our customers' needs, we continually push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. We provide our customers with the solutions they need to overcome today's technological challenges and prepare for the future.
profile PBert
profile PBert
Phaiboon Trikanjananun
Chairman & CEO
profile PKeng
profile PKeng
Phairoj Trikanjananun
Chief Operating Officer
profile PBoy
profile PBoy
Wongsakorn Nawbantad
Chief Technology Officer